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Grace False Ceiling Interiors Decorators - About Us

The Grace False Ceiling Interiors Decorators are the market leader in building construction in Nagercoil for the last 10 years. And also, our products are functional, integral, design, and sustainable modern and emotional architecture components. So, if you want to change the old look of your home, office, or shop, call us and get your ceiling designed in 7 days.

The strategy of Grace False Ceiling Designers is research and innovation. And also, our materials, accessibility to consumers, and abilities enable us to respond to market demands and reduce development time. For more than ten years, we’ve been the market leader at Nagercoil in interior design.

Gypsum plasterboard systems for false ceilings and drywall partitions, and gypsum plastering solutions are all part of our product line. And also, the types of acoustic ceiling tiles are gypsum, mineral fiber, metal, and glass wool. With this, a wide range of metal framing, accessories, and jointing and finishing components are available to complement our systems. Overall, the Grace False Ceiling Decorators are the best false ceiling designers in Nagercoil.

We help to create great living places and improve daily life by combining


Which answers today’s individual needs (Safety, accessibility, performance, adaptability,  beauty)+


Which addresses tomorrow’s collective challenges (resource efficiency, better mobility, sustainable building,   demographic growth, climate change)

To enhance the well-being of people everywhere

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