False Ceiling Design For Living Room

false ceiling design for living room

The soul of your home is the living room, so why won’t you try a falling ceiling design for the living room? Days are gone when your living room ceiling was just a simple, boring roof. The artificial ceiling is becoming a popular design element, with various patterns, textures, and illusions to select from. False ceilings include the go-to design feature for adding a dramatic impact to the living area among all the latest design.¬†We’ve got you covered if you’re looking to design or renovate your living room.

Here are some suggestions and ideas to help you create a stunning artificial ceiling for your living room.

1. Minimalist White False ceiling

false ceiling

A white false ceiling over white walls is a classic choice if you have a small living area. It’s difficult to go wrong with the exquisite tone of white. The white walls and ceiling-mounted lighting create a sense of more room. Infuse a joyful mood into the space by hanging colourful artwork and adding vibrant cushions, houseplants, and other decor items.

2. Colourful Living Room False Ceiling

If an all-white living room bores you, choose your favourite colour’s soft shade. Have used a lighter shade of the feature wall for the false ceiling and your signature colour on one of the living room walls. One of the two walls might be white, while the other could be textured. The living room has an elegant feel thanks to the covert light in the false ceiling.

3. Contrast False Ceiling

false ceiling

If you want to become white but don’t want to live in an all-white environment, it is for you. To paint the major wall of the living room, choose a colour of your favourite shades. For the artificial ceiling and the other space walls, I prefer white colour. This intermediate approach brightens and adds just the appropriate colour to the room. The visible and hidden lighting in the false ceiling help to distribute light and boost energy efficiency.

4. Subtle Dual Tones

It’s difficult to deny the elegance and beauty of this living room. You can colour the living room’s four walls a light beige shade and add a white faux ceiling. Colourful design accents such as rugs, artwork, indoor plants, and curtains can help to refresh the look. A classic mix like this can never go wrong.

5. False Ceiling as Space Dividers

We designed two false ceilings for the living area for a living room that extends to a wider area like this. One false ceiling is above the dining space, while the other is above the lounge area. When revealed and hidden lighting is combined, light is diffused and distributed, improving total energy efficiency. A ceiling fan is often thought to get in the middle of a lovely false ceiling. This room, on the other hand, will disprove it.

6. Wooden False Ceiling

A wooden ceiling with a white false ceiling could give your living room design an air of luxury. A lovely touch to the living room is to pair the tops with white walls or a textural wall. The black furnishings and white windowpanes look well with the modern artificial ceiling.

7. 3-D Living Room False Ceiling

These 3-D artificial ceilings offer a lovely touch to the living room. They provide the impression of a greater area by adding a breathtaking expanse to the room. They work beautifully with the lights in the middle of each section, creating a lovely impact throughout the space.

8. Smart Ceilings

These bright false ceilings are the talk of the town these days. They come in various styles and colours, with different coloured lighting options. Set precisely in the middle of the room, they cast a colourful glow all around the room and give it a dramatic feel. Furthermore, the lighting colours can change remotely to match the room’s mood.

Have you debated which false ceiling style to use in your living room? Well, we’re here to assist you! Contact our false ceiling team for assistance at Grace. We’ll be delighted to help!