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Best False Ceiling In Nagercoil

Grace False Ceilings Interior Decorators have been the market leader in the building construction space in Nagercoil for the last 10 years. Our products are functional, integral, design, and sustainable modern and emotional architecture components. If you want to change the old look of your home, office, or shop, call us and get your ceiling designed in 7 days. Sit back and enjoy while we transform your dream home. 

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Home False Ceiling

Are you trying to find ways to transform your average home into something extraordinary? Look no further.

Grace False Ceilings Designers can change your ordinary home into a palace with our royal and stunning designs. Our false ceiling will transform all of your home’s rooms, including the living room, bedroom, children’s room, and kitchen.

Office False Ceiling

Are you bored with the old look of your office?

You can change the old look of your office to a new professional, secure, sustainable, productive, and healthy business space by installing a false ceiling.

Shop False Ceiling

Are you want to change the welcoming atmosphere of your shop?

A well-lit and tastefully adorned shop ceiling design can create a welcoming atmosphere to attract customers to a store.


Raju Nagercoil

Aesthetic designs, Fast workers, Good finishing, really impressed.

Mani Thingal Nagar

Very professional and knowledgeable, Good work. Keep it up

James Karungal

Mind blowing designs. Really mesmerized...Keep it up

Sankar M Parvathipuram

They did an excellent job. Highly recommended!!! Will definitely come back to him with more projects. Best of luck for your business. Thank You!!!


    Yes, False ceilings are safe when installed properly and with high-quality components.

    False ceilings offer an advantage over typical ceilings in that they help to adorn the room in beautiful designs while also concealing cables, providing fire safety and energy efficiency, and having moisture and sag resistance features.

    The false ceiling design costs from INR 75 to INR 120 per square foot. It depends on the style and thickness of the board used for the false ceiling.

    False ceilings are custom-made for each space and can thus be utilized to complement a small living room ceiling.

    Different materials, like gypsum, PoP, and wood, can be used to create a living room ceiling design. Gypsum board ceilings are the most popular choice for false ceilings among these options.

    Yes, a hanging or swag lamp looks great in a living area with a false ceiling.

    False ceilings bring elegance to the ceiling of the living area. Along with the aesthetic aspect, it provides a slew of other safety advantages.

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